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Far–Infrared Relax Sauna

100% True Far‑Infrared Ray Lab Tested Radiator 750W / 1400W (Max 1500 W) Relax Portable Detox Sauna — It is neither steam nor heat pad type

  1. Far‑Infrared Ray (INVISIBLE LIGHT). If you can see a red light, it is not a Far‑Infrared Ray Product
  2. UL 16AWG Power Cord 750 W / 1400 W (Max 1500 W) Selectable Switches
  3. 33″ wide x 32″ deep x 46″ tall and 28 lbs
  4. Shipped Box 28″ x 21″ x 12″ inches and 32.5 lbs, Carrying Bag is included free
  5. Lose Weight, Detox and Cellular Acceleration, It burns 450 to 550 Calories for this Sauna 20 mins work‑out

$1,500 (Free Shipping)

Product Description

This sauna can be used to effectively detox, relax or lose weight. FIR technology has also been shown to be all-around health promoting. It can especially help with anti-aging, skin conditions, wound healing, muscle pains and stiffness.The Relax Sauna is the ONLY portable model that uses the same technology as the Sky Eye Radiator which is certified by the FDA to be a medical device. Of course, all great products have imitators.

People love the Relax Sauna because it generates WARM HEALING LIGHT. And it does this very efficiently in only 15-20 minutes! The RELAX FIR Sauna provides an environment of 70 – 80 degrees C. At this temperature metabolism will be improved, and the blood circulation will be improved. The FIR energy fan and the specially designed cover material allows for the FIR energy to evenly distribute throughout the Sauna. You can breathe air easily while your body is warmed in the Sauna tent.It's better than being in a hot spring!The special designed cover will not absorb any smells. Other units can leave a smell, but the material in which this unit is made absorbs no odors whatsoever, even after months of use. It is easy to clean. The RELAX (FIR) Sauna uses a new dry heat, which is mildew free.Even though the temperature is very high, the FIR Sauna is very safe. This unit has CE and GS certificates. In Europe, the CE mark is a standard for safety.The GS certificate further indicates an added level of safety.

It takes just about ten minutes to start sweating when using the RELAX FIR Sauna. By the end of 25 minutes, one can have a very good sweat. The Timer Control can be set for any time period from 1 minute to 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes is up, and you can handle more, you can do it again for any time period.It only takes minutes to set up and close down. There is no mess to clean up.The specially designed cover will not absorb "direct heat energy."There is no need to preheat the Sauna or for any kind of warm up procedure.

One Year Warranty

You would feel the far infrared ray working on your body and you can feel the quality of product immediately.

TCG Relax Sauna
Relax‑Sauna front view
TCG Relax Sauna
Relax‑Sauna inside view
TCG Relax Sauna
Relax‑Sauna side view
TCG Relax Sauna
Remote Control
TCG Relax Sauna
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