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Q & A for Face Mask Users

Is the unit price of TWEC N95 mask more expensive than the KN95 made in China?

  • TWEC N95 (FFP2) mask is the world's only and first new medical mask.
  • It has stable protection performance under long‑term storage, and has the air permeability when worn for a long time
  • Tested by experiments, medical masks with traditional electrostatic filter media have been stored for more than 3 months, and the filtering power will drop by 20%~30%!
  • Therefore, I hope that consumers can think seriously: Who wants to buy a mask that has only 80% filtration capacity remaining for 3 months?
  • Or do you want to buy a medical mask that can maintain a stable 99% protection and more breathable and washable?

COVID‑19 Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here for US Food & Drag Administration answers about COVID‑19

BFE, PFE, VFE 是什麼?

    最近好多人開始注意口罩上面的規格了,所以簡單寫一下常見的標示BFE PFE VFE
  • BFE: BFE是細菌過濾效果 (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency),測量口罩過濾細菌的效率。
  • PFE: PFE是粒子過濾效果 (Particle Filtration Efficiency),測量口罩過濾粒子的效率。
  • VFE: VFE是病毒過濾效果 (Viral Filtration Efficiency),測量口罩過濾病毒的效率。
  • BFE測量方式是口罩從內部過濾微生物微粒的能力(測試基準是金黃色葡萄球菌Staphylococcus aureus),這項測試大多會以約 3.0 μm(微米)的微粒及 28.3 L/mm. (1 ft3/min)公升/分鐘,liters per minute (LPM) )流速來進行,有的會使用1 cubic foot per minute (CFM)做流速基準。


  • 其實並不然,根據 NIOSH N95 的標準,測試時會採用 0.3 μm 及 85 lpm 流速來進行,而以 PFE 95% 以上的外科口罩來進行 NIOSH N95 測試的話,結果往往低於70%。
  • 主要原因是因為過濾材質的效能,往往受空氣流通量而影響,空氣流通量愈大,過濾微粒的效能會減低。
  • 外科口罩的主要功用是阻擋使用者的飛沫傳給他人,不過亦能以外層PP防潑水材質,阻隔他人的飛沫傳到使用者的口和鼻。
  • 除了口罩的質素外,最重要是戴上口罩後是否與臉部有良好的密合度,以及留意口罩的正面是否朝向外面,才能達到最佳防護效果。