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Far–Infrared Goose Neck Lamp
All FIR products are making heat by resonated frequency and matched frequency on human body

True Far Infrared Invisible Ray Portable Goose Neck White Table Lamp 200 W

Goose Neck Lamp

$279 (Free Shipping)

Far Infrared Rays (FIR) penetrate the skin to the hypodermic tissues - improving circulation and the metabolism, and activating cells. The wavelength of energy in FIR is comfortably and safely absorbed by the human body.

  1. World's most powerful medical lamp used for healing purposes.
  2. Suitable for long hours of usage without risk of overheating or causing burns.
  3. Easy and convenient, able to penetrate clothing with full benefits.
  4. 200 Watts of Far Infrared Therapy — The World's Most Powerful TDP Lamp
  5. Instant On Technology — No Preheating Required
  6. Produces 99.6% Pure Far Infrared
  7. Proprietary Technology — Has It's Own Far Infrared Generators