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TWEC 5‑ply washable Nano Technology N95/N99
(US FDA, CE EU, Health Canada)

N95 Ear Loop

Interior (with sponge for nose pad)

Layer Structure

N95 Head Loop

N95 Head Loop Inside

S hook to enhance air tightness

Thickness less than 0.62 mm,
ultra light and breathable

Mask wearing demonstration

Unique & superior to other N95 Masks

  • Washable
  • Breathe better
  • Lighter & thinner
  • Top quality material
  • High efficiency nano filter
  • Economical and environmentally friendly
  • Protection efficiency maintained above PFE 99% against PM0.075 particles


  • 有效阻隔0.075μm超細懸浮微粒達99%以上。
  • 100奈米科技研發技術, 多孔洞材質增加呼吸感。
  • 細緻舒適度, 薄如蟬翼。
  • 打破以往對口罩悶熱的抗拒感, 更能安心長期配戴, 使用者體驗感全面提升。

Converting Behind the Head style face masks to Ear Loops

  1. Layout the elastic and cut both top and bottom loops.
  2. Loosely knot each side to create ear loops.
  3. Try it on and asdjust sizing as necessary.
  4. Tighten knots.

How to wear the mask

  1. Take out the mask.
  2. Place the ear straps on both ears.
  3. Press the nose bridge to fit the nose.
  4. Adjust the mask in the right position.
  5. Use the S hook to fit better.
How to wear the mask

How to wash and clean the masks?

  1. Rinse under tap water
  2. Add soap or detergent on the surface
  3. Gently swipe the inner and outer surface by hand
  4. Use a toothbrush to brush the surface
  5. Rub the nose sponge strip
  6. Use tap water to rinse the inner and outer surface
  7. Maintain the natural shape by pressing and shaking
  8. Hang up to dry


  1. 打開水龍頭並用水流沖洗。
  2. 塗抹肥皂後用牙刷輕輕刷洗。
  3. 水龍頭下直接水柱兩面都沖洗。
  4. 直接壓平,避免扭轉表面。
  5. 晾乾即可。
How to wash the mask


  • Do not wear mask while exercising
  • Replace the mask once it is torn or twisted
  • Not recommended for those who have asthma, sort of breath, or HVS
  • Damage to the mask may accrue if you twist or rub the surface
  • When you use a mask in a virus-containing environment, please wash it with Alcohol and deterigent immediately after used
  • Cut it into pieces to destroy it to prevent the virus from remaining and spreading


  • 避免運動時使用口罩。
  • 當呼吸感覺有異味時, 口罩外表髒污或破損時, 請立即拋棄並更換新口罩使用。
  • 不建議患有哮喘,呼吸困難或HVS的人使用。
  • 切記不可揉轉或擰乾, 以免破壞奈米濾材內層結構。
  • 當你使用口罩是在有病毒的環境時,請使用後立即用酒精消毒和清潔劑清洗。
  • 將口罩剪成碎片銷毀,以免病毒殘留而傳播出去。

What is the difference between the TWEC technical nano N95 (FFP2) medical mask and the medical masks on the market?

  • General plain medical masks protect against particles PM3 that are larger than bacteria, but those harmful to the human body are all particles below PM2.5.
  • Nanotechnology N95 (FFP2) medical mask can provide 99% protection against PM0.075 particles, providing more comprehensive protection.


  • 一般平面醫用口罩針對比細菌大的粒子PM3做防護, 但對人體有害的皆為PM2.5以下的粒子。
  • 台灣精碳科技奈米N95(FFP2)醫用口罩可針對PM0.075粒子做到99%的防護, 提供更全方位的保護。

Comparsion of Features:N95(FFP2) VS Other N95
台灣精碳科技奈米N95(FFP2)VS 美國知名品牌N95

Certifications, Registration and Classification

  • FDA registered
  • EUA and CE certification (B & C2)
  • International Bureau of Standards ISO9001 and ISO13485 certificates and orthographic marks.
  • MIT smile badge expression, a high standard certification mark [safe, healthy, and trustworthy] & [Made in Taiwan, genuine products]
  • FDA Registration & Device Listing Link

    FDA Registration #: 3016750657
    Owner Operation #: 10070143


  • 本廠己順利取得美國食品藥理管理局FDA核准進口及CE歐盟認證。
  • 國際標準局IS09001及IS013485證書及正字標記。
  • 取得全台灣唯一僅有一家可製造N99(FFP3)的醫療口罩許可證。
  • MIT微笑標章表示 ❴安全健康, 值得信赖❵ ❴台灣製造, 貨真價實❵ 的一款高標準認證標章。

NIOSH Standard Test Report

TWEC N95 / N99 masks layer structure

  1. The layer structure of Formosa Energy-Carbon FFP2 mask is as follows:
  2. First layer: Waterproof PP material. A non‑woven water repellent fabric which can block the adhesion of pathogenic droplets or blood.
  3. Second layer: Supportive fabric material. A special non woven fabric which makes the mask three dimensional without deformation
  4. Third layer: A PP isolation layer is a non‑woven fabric which can be blocked.
  5. Fourth layer: High‑tech nano‑textile fabric material. This filler layer can block bacteria and viruses by 99%.
  6. Fifth layer: EP Bicomponent fabric material. This is a soft EP composite fiber which is a non woven fabric.
  1. From outiside to inside, the specifications of the cloth are:
    1. Waterproof layer: non‑woven fabric
    2. Supportive layer: PP non‑woven fabric
    3. Isolation layer: PP non‑woven fabric
    4. High‑tech filter layer: Nano‑textile filter fabric
    5. Soft composite layer: EP Soft fiber non‑woven fabric
  2. Nose bridge: Hot melt adhesive aluminum strip, 80x5
  3. Ear Strip: Polyester brocade spandex ribbon, 220x4

Strict Quality Control

  • Prevent infection between patients and medical staff.
  • The earhook elastic band will not cause ear pain even after wearing it for a long period of time.
  • Both raw materials and production are from Taiwan. The production is in a strictly controlled low dust environment.
  • It is safe, hygienic, comfortable with a high level of protection.

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N95 Head Loops / Ear Loops Face Mask

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