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USB Far–Infrared Warmer

  1. Release heat for deeper FIR (Far Infrared Ray) penetration
  2. Relieve pain from muscle tension and cramps
  3. Improve local blood circulation, relax and loose muscle knots
  4. Ideal product for regular computer users
  5. Trendy, stylish and fashionable

$199 (Free Shipping)


To use the thermal function of your BIODr USB FAR–Infrared Warmer, make sure your computer is turned on.
Plug the USB cable into an available USB port on your computer, keyboard or display.
Place the warmer over affected area to ease tension and cramps.
Alternatively, you can purchase an USB power adapter. Simply plug the adapter into a wall outlet and connect to your warmer for power.

Relieve Pain from Muscle Tension and Cramps


Acupuncture PointsBIO Dr. USB FAR‑infrared Warmer is palm‑sized and features an exclusive FAR‑Infrared technology with high portibility and convenience. Unlike Infrared, FAR‑Infrared in comparsion is superior because the wavelength allows it to penetrate deeper. Therefore, it is more effective.

The magnitude of FAR‑Infrared Energy was vertified at the Industrial Tecnhology Researth Institute indicating 96.7% of the energy is emitted in the 8‑12 micrometers (µm) far‑infrared band. This is much better than the 87% of most commerical far‑infrared products. FAR‑Infrared Ray has proved to increase blood-circulation, decrease muscle fatigue and relieve nerve pain in tissue. Combining with heat energy further enchances FAR‑Infrared penetrating power and boosts recovery effectness.

BIO Dr. Far‑Infrared Warmer's unique USB powered design does not only provide great portibility, but its energy efficiency and low EMI compares to standard heating modules. This is a must‑have product for all computer users.


Step 1: Enable Heating Function
To use the thermal of your BIO Dr. FAR‑Infrared Warmer, plug the USB cable into an available USB port on your computer, laptop or display.
Step 2: Begin Thermal Recovery
Place BIO Dr. FAR‑Infrared Warmer over affected area to decrease tension and cramps.
Step 3: Disable Heating Function
To disable warming function, simply remove USB cable from the USB port.
Do not use this product on open wounds or while sleeping.